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PdfFiltersPrivate.h File Reference

#include "PdfDefines.h"
#include "PdfDefinesPrivate.h"
#include "PdfFilter.h"
#include "PdfRefCountedBuffer.h"
#include <zlib.h>
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class  PoDoFo::PdfAscii85Filter
class  PoDoFo::PdfFlateFilter
class  PoDoFo::PdfHexFilter
class  PoDoFo::PdfLZWFilter
class  PoDoFo::PdfRLEFilter
struct  PoDoFo::PdfLZWFilter::TLzwItem


namespace  PoDoFo



Detailed Description

Provides implementations of various PDF stream filters.

This is an internal header. It should not be included in podofo.h, and should not be included directly by client applications. These filters should only be accessed through the factory interface in PdfFilters.h .

Definition in file PdfFiltersPrivate.h.

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