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void PoDoFo::NonPublic::PdfTTFWriter::WriteMaxpTable ( PdfOutputDevice pDevice ) [private]

Writes the maxp table at the current position of the output device, handling any necessary conversion from big to little endian.

pDevicewrite at the current position of this device.
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Definition at line 1190 of file PdfTTFWriter.cpp.

References m_tMaxp, m_vecGlyphs, PoDoFo::NonPublic::PdfTTFWriter::TMaxP::numGlyphs, SwapMaxpTable(), and PoDoFo::PdfOutputDevice::Write().

Referenced by Write().

    m_tMaxp.numGlyphs = m_vecGlyphs.size();

    if( podofo_is_little_endian() )

    pDevice->Write( reinterpret_cast<char*>(&m_tMaxp), sizeof(TMaxP) );

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