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PoDoFo::PdfColor Class Reference

#include <PdfColor.h>

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Public Member Functions

PdfObjectBuildColorSpace (PdfVecObjects *pOwner) const
PdfColor ConvertToCMYK () const
PdfColor ConvertToGrayScale () const
PdfColor ConvertToRGB () const
EPdfColorSpace GetAlternateColorSpace () const
double GetBlack () const
double GetBlue () const
double GetCieA () const
double GetCieB () const
double GetCieL () const
EPdfColorSpace GetColorSpace () const
double GetCyan () const
double GetDensity () const
double GetGrayScale () const
double GetGreen () const
double GetMagenta () const
const std::string GetName () const
double GetRed () const
double GetYellow () const
bool IsCieLab () const
bool IsCMYK () const
bool IsGrayScale () const
bool IsRGB () const
bool IsSeparation () const
bool operator!= (const PdfColor &rhs) const
const PdfColoroperator= (const PdfColor &rhs)
bool operator== (const PdfColor &rhs) const
 PdfColor (const PdfColor &rhs)
 PdfColor (double dCyan, double dMagenta, double dYellow, double dBlack)
 PdfColor (double dGray)
 PdfColor ()
 PdfColor (double dRed, double dGreen, double dBlue)
PdfArray ToArray () const
virtual ~PdfColor ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PdfColor FromArray (const PdfArray &rArray)
static PdfColor FromString (const char *pszName)

Protected Attributes

EPdfColorSpace m_eAlternateColorSpace
EPdfColorSpace m_eColorSpace
double m_separationDensity
std::string m_separationName
union {
   double   cmyk [4]
   double   gray
   double   lab [3]
   double   rgb [3]

Static Private Attributes

static const unsigned int *const m_hexDigitMap
 Mapping of hex sequences to int value.

Detailed Description

A color object can represent either a grayscale value, a RGB color, a CMYK color, a separation color or a CieLab color.

All drawing functions in PoDoFo accept a PdfColor object to specify a drawing color in one of these colorspaces.

Derived classes PdfColorGray, PdfColorRGB, PdfColorCMYK, PdfColorSeparation and PdfColorCieLab are available for easy construction

Definition at line 42 of file PdfColor.h.

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