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PoDoFo::PdfDifferenceEncoding Class Reference

#include <PdfDifferenceEncoding.h>

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Public Types

enum  EBaseEncoding { eBaseEncoding_Font, eBaseEncoding_WinAnsi, eBaseEncoding_MacRoman, eBaseEncoding_MacExpert }

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddToDictionary (PdfDictionary &rDictionary) const
const_iterator begin () const
virtual PdfRefCountedBuffer ConvertToEncoding (const PdfString &rString, const PdfFont *pFont) const
virtual PdfString ConvertToUnicode (const PdfString &rEncodedString, const PdfFont *pFont) const
const_iterator end () const
virtual pdf_utf16be GetCharCode (int nIndex) const
const PdfEncodingDifferenceGetDifferences () const
int GetFirstChar () const
int GetLastChar () const
virtual bool IsAutoDelete () const
virtual bool IsSingleByteEncoding () const
bool operator< (const PdfEncoding &rhs) const
bool operator== (const PdfEncoding &rhs) const
 PdfDifferenceEncoding (const PdfEncodingDifference &rDifference, EBaseEncoding eBaseEncoding, PdfDocument *pParent, bool bAutoDelete=true)
 PdfDifferenceEncoding (PdfObject *pObject, bool bAutoDelete=true)
 PdfDifferenceEncoding (const PdfEncodingDifference &rDifference, PdfVecObjects *pParent, bool bAutoDelete=true)
 PdfDifferenceEncoding (const PdfEncodingDifference &rDifference, PdfDocument *pParent, bool bAutoDelete=true)
 PdfDifferenceEncoding (const PdfEncodingDifference &rDifference, EBaseEncoding eBaseEncoding, PdfVecObjects *pParent, bool bAutoDelete=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static pdf_utf16be NameToUnicodeID (const PdfName &rName)
static PdfName UnicodeIDToName (pdf_utf16be inCodePoint)

Protected Member Functions

virtual const PdfNameGetID () const

Private Member Functions

void CreateID ()
PdfObjectCreateObject (const char *pszType=NULL)
const PdfEncodingGetBaseEncoding () const
PdfObjectGetNonConstObject () const
PdfObjectGetObject ()
const PdfObjectGetObject () const
void Init ()
const char * TypeNameForIndex (int i, const char **ppTypes, long lLen) const
int TypeNameToIndex (const char *pszType, const char **ppTypes, long lLen, int nUnknownValue) const

Private Attributes

EBaseEncoding m_baseEncoding
 The base encoding of this font.
bool m_bAutoDelete
 If true this encoding is deleted by its font.
PdfEncodingDifference m_differences
PdfName m_id
 Unique ID of this encoding.

Detailed Description

PdfDifferenceEncoding is an encoding, which is based on either the fonts encoding or a predefined encoding and defines differences to this base encoding.

Definition at line 126 of file PdfDifferenceEncoding.h.

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