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PoDoFo::PdfFileStream Class Reference

#include <PdfFileStream.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Append (const char *pszString, size_t lLen)
void Append (const char *pszString)
void Append (const std::string &sString)
void BeginAppend (bool bClearExisting=true)
void BeginAppend (const TVecFilters &vecFilters, bool bClearExisting=true, bool bDeleteFilters=true)
void EndAppend ()
virtual void GetCopy (char **pBuffer, pdf_long *lLen) const
virtual void GetCopy (PdfOutputStream *pStream) const
void GetFilteredCopy (char **pBuffer, pdf_long *lLen) const
void GetFilteredCopy (PdfOutputStream *pStream) const
virtual pdf_long GetLength () const
 PdfFileStream (PdfObject *pParent, PdfOutputDevice *pDevice)
void Set (PdfInputStream *pStream, const TVecFilters &vecFilters)
void Set (PdfInputStream *pStream)
void Set (const char *szBuffer, pdf_long lLen)
void Set (const char *szBuffer, pdf_long lLen, const TVecFilters &vecFilters)
void Set (const char *pszString)
void SetEncrypted (PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void SetRawData (PdfInputStream *pStream, pdf_long lLen=-1)
virtual void Write (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt=NULL)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AppendImpl (const char *pszString, size_t lLen)
virtual void BeginAppendImpl (const TVecFilters &vecFilters)
virtual void EndAppendImpl ()
virtual const char * GetInternalBuffer () const
virtual pdf_long GetInternalBufferSize () const

Protected Attributes

bool m_bAppend

Private Attributes

pdf_long m_lLength
pdf_long m_lLenInitial

Detailed Description

A PDF stream can be appended to any PdfObject and can contain arbitrary data.

Most of the time it will contain either drawing commands to draw onto a page or binary data like a font or an image.

A PdfFileStream writes all data directly to an output device without keeping it in memory. PdfFileStream is used automatically when creating PDF files using PdfImmediateWriter.

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Definition at line 48 of file PdfFileStream.h.

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