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PoDoFo::PdfFontCache Class Reference

#include <PdfFontCache.h>

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Public Types

enum  EFontCreationFlags { eFontCreationFlags_None = 0, eFontCreationFlags_AutoSelectBase14 = 1, eFontCreationFlags_Type1Subsetting = 2 }

Public Member Functions

void EmbedSubsetFonts ()
void EmptyCache ()
PdfFontGetDuplicateFontType1 (PdfFont *pFont, const char *pszSuffix)
PdfFontGetFont (PdfObject *pObject)
PdfFontGetFont (const char *pszFontName, bool bBold, bool bItalic, bool bEmbedd, EFontCreationFlags eFontCreationFlags=eFontCreationFlags_AutoSelectBase14, const PdfEncoding *const =PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance(), const char *pszFileName=NULL)
PdfFontGetFont (FT_Face face, bool bEmbedd, const PdfEncoding *const =PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance())
FT_Library GetFontLibrary () const
PdfFontGetFontSubset (const char *pszFontName, bool bBold, bool bItalic, const PdfEncoding *const =PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance(), const char *pszFileName=NULL)
 PdfFontCache (PdfVecObjects *pParent)
 ~PdfFontCache ()

Private Types

typedef TSortedFontList::iterator TISortedFontList
typedef std::vector
< TFontCacheElement

Private Member Functions

PdfFontCreateFontObject (TISortedFontList itSorted, TSortedFontList &vecContainer, PdfFontMetrics *pMetrics, bool bEmbedd, bool bBold, bool bItalic, const char *pszFontName, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding, bool bSubsetting=false)
std::string GetFontPath (const char *pszFontName, bool bBold, bool bItalic)

Private Attributes

FT_Library m_ftLibrary
 Handle to the freetype library.
void * m_pFcConfig
 Handle to fontconfig on unix systems.
 Handle to parent for creating new fonts and objects.
TSortedFontList m_vecFonts
 Sorted list of all fonts, currently in the cache.
TSortedFontList m_vecFontSubsets

Detailed Description

This class assists PdfDocument with caching font information.

Additional to font caching, this class is also responsible for font matching.

PdfFont is an actual font that can be used in a PDF file (i.e. it does also font embedding) and PdfFontMetrics provides only metrics informations.

This class is an internal class of PoDoFo and should not be used in user applications

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