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PoDoFo::PdfFontMetrics Class Reference

#include <PdfFontMetrics.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual double CharWidth (unsigned char c) const =0
unsigned long CharWidthMM (unsigned char c) const
virtual double GetAscent () const =0
virtual void GetBoundingBox (PdfArray &array) const =0
virtual double GetDescent () const =0
const char * GetFilename () const
float GetFontCharSpace () const
virtual const char * GetFontData () const =0
virtual pdf_long GetFontDataLen () const =0
virtual const char * GetFontname () const =0
float GetFontScale () const
float GetFontSize () const
EPdfFontType GetFontType () const
virtual long GetGlyphId (long lUnicode) const =0
virtual double GetGlyphWidth (int nGlyphId) const =0
virtual int GetItalicAngle () const =0
virtual double GetLineSpacing () const =0
unsigned long GetLineSpacingMM () const
virtual double GetPdfAscent () const =0
virtual double GetPdfDescent () const =0
virtual double GetStrikeOutPosition () const =0
unsigned long GetStrikeOutPositionMM () const
virtual double GetStrikeoutThickness () const =0
unsigned long GetStrikeoutThicknessMM () const
const char * GetSubsetFontnamePrefix () const
virtual double GetUnderlinePosition () const =0
long GetUnderlinePositionMM () const
virtual double GetUnderlineThickness () const =0
unsigned long GetUnderlineThicknessMM () const
virtual unsigned int GetWeight () const =0
virtual void GetWidthArray (PdfVariant &var, unsigned int nFirst, unsigned int nLast) const =0
virtual bool IsSymbol () const =0
 PdfFontMetrics (EPdfFontType eFontType, const char *pszFilename, const char *pszSubsetPrefix)
void SetFontCharSpace (float fCharSpace)
void SetFontScale (float fScale)
void SetFontSize (float fSize)
double StringWidth (const char *pszText, pdf_long nLength=0) const
double StringWidth (const PdfString &rsString) const
double StringWidth (const pdf_utf16be *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
double StringWidth (const wchar_t *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
unsigned long StringWidthMM (const char *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
unsigned long StringWidthMM (const pdf_utf16be *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
unsigned long StringWidthMM (const wchar_t *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
virtual double UnicodeCharWidth (unsigned short c) const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static EPdfFontType FontTypeFromFilename (const char *pszFilename)

Protected Member Functions

void SetFontType (EPdfFontType eFontType)

Protected Attributes

EPdfFontType m_eFontType
float m_fFontCharSpace
float m_fFontScale
float m_fFontSize
std::string m_sFilename
std::string m_sFontSubsetPrefix
std::vector< double > m_vecWidth

Detailed Description

This abstract class provides access to fontmetrics informations.

Definition at line 38 of file PdfFontMetrics.h.

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