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PoDoFo::PdfFontMetricsBase14 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual double CharWidth (unsigned char c) const
unsigned long CharWidthMM (unsigned char c) const
virtual double GetAscent () const
virtual void GetBoundingBox (PdfArray &array) const
double GetCapHeight () const
virtual double GetDescent () const
const char * GetFilename () const
float GetFontCharSpace () const
virtual const char * GetFontData () const
virtual pdf_long GetFontDataLen () const
virtual const char * GetFontname () const
float GetFontScale () const
float GetFontSize () const
EPdfFontType GetFontType () const
virtual long GetGlyphId (long lUnicode) const
virtual double GetGlyphWidth (int nGlyphId) const
virtual int GetItalicAngle () const
virtual double GetLineSpacing () const
unsigned long GetLineSpacingMM () const
virtual double GetPdfAscent () const
virtual double GetPdfDescent () const
virtual double GetStrikeOutPosition () const
unsigned long GetStrikeOutPositionMM () const
virtual double GetStrikeoutThickness () const
unsigned long GetStrikeoutThicknessMM () const
const char * GetSubsetFontnamePrefix () const
virtual double GetUnderlinePosition () const
long GetUnderlinePositionMM () const
virtual double GetUnderlineThickness () const
unsigned long GetUnderlineThicknessMM () const
virtual unsigned int GetWeight () const
virtual void GetWidthArray (PdfVariant &var, unsigned int nFirst, unsigned int nLast) const
virtual bool IsSymbol () const
 PdfFontMetricsBase14 (const char *mfont_name, const PODOFO_CharData *mwidths_table, bool mis_font_specific, pdf_int16 mascent, pdf_int16 mdescent, pdf_uint16 mx_height, pdf_uint16 mcap_height, const PdfRect &mbbox)
void SetFontCharSpace (float fCharSpace)
void SetFontScale (float fScale)
void SetFontSize (float fSize)
double StringWidth (const char *pszText, pdf_long nLength=0) const
double StringWidth (const PdfString &rsString) const
double StringWidth (const wchar_t *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
double StringWidth (const pdf_utf16be *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
unsigned long StringWidthMM (const char *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
unsigned long StringWidthMM (const wchar_t *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
unsigned long StringWidthMM (const pdf_utf16be *pszText, unsigned int nLength=0) const
virtual double UnicodeCharWidth (unsigned short c) const

Static Public Member Functions

static EPdfFontType FontTypeFromFilename (const char *pszFilename)

Protected Member Functions

void SetFontType (EPdfFontType eFontType)

Protected Attributes

EPdfFontType m_eFontType
float m_fFontCharSpace
float m_fFontScale
float m_fFontSize
std::string m_sFilename
std::string m_sFontSubsetPrefix
std::vector< double > m_vecWidth

Private Member Functions

long GetGlyphIdUnicode (long lUnicode) const

Private Attributes

pdf_int16 ascent
PdfRect bbox
pdf_uint16 cap_height
pdf_int16 descent
const char * font_name
bool is_font_specific
bool m_bSymbol
 Internal member to singnal a symbol font.
double m_dAscent
double m_dDescent
double m_dLineSpacing
double m_dPdfAscent
double m_dPdfDescent
double m_dStrikeOutPosition
double m_dStrikeOutThickness
double m_dUnderlinePosition
double m_dUnderlineThickness
int m_nItalicAngle
unsigned int m_nWeight
int units_per_EM
const PODOFO_CharDatawidths_table
pdf_uint16 x_height


PdfFontMetricsBase14PODOFO_Base14FontDef_FindBuiltinData (const char *font_name)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file PdfFontMetricsBase14.h.

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