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PoDoFo::PdfFontTTFSubset Class Reference

#include <PdfFontTTFSubset.h>

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struct  TGlyphData
struct  TGlyphDataShort
struct  TTrueTypeTable

Public Types

enum  EFontFileType { eFontFileType_TTF, eFontFileType_TTC, eFontFileType_OTF, eFontFileType_Unknown }

Public Member Functions

void AddCharacter (pdf_utf16be nCharCode)
void AddGlyph (unsigned short nGlyphIndex)
void BuildFont (PdfOutputDevice *pOutputDevice)
size_t GetSize () const
 PdfFontTTFSubset (PdfInputDevice *pDevice, PdfFontMetrics *pMetrics, EFontFileType eType, unsigned short nFaceIndex=0)
 PdfFontTTFSubset (const char *pszFontFileName, PdfFontMetrics *pMetrics, unsigned short nFaceIndex=0)

Private Member Functions

void GetData (unsigned long offset, void *address, unsigned long sz)
void GetNumberOfGlyphs ()
void GetNumberOfTables ()
void GetStartOfTTFOffsets ()
unsigned long GetTableOffset (const char *pszTableName)
void Init ()
void InitTables ()
PdfFontTTFSubsetoperator= (const PdfFontTTFSubset &rhs)
 PdfFontTTFSubset ()
 PdfFontTTFSubset (const PdfFontTTFSubset &rhs)
void SeeIfLongLocaOrNot ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bIsLongLoca
const bool m_bOwnDevice
 If the input device is owned by this object.
EFontFileType m_eFontFileType
unsigned short m_faceIndex
unsigned short m_numGlyphs
unsigned short m_numTables
 Read data from this input device.
 FontMetrics object which is required to convert unicode character points to glyph ids.
unsigned long m_ulStartOfTTFOffsets
 Start address of the truetype offset tables, differs from ttf to ttc.
std::vector< unsigned short > m_vGlyphIndice
std::vector< TTrueTypeTablem_vTable

Detailed Description

This class is able to build a new TTF font with only certain glyphs from an existing font.

Definition at line 46 of file PdfFontTTFSubset.h.

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