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PoDoFo::PdfFunctionBaseShadingPattern::PdfFunctionBaseShadingPattern ( const PdfColor rLL,
const PdfColor rUL,
const PdfColor rLR,
const PdfColor rUR,
const PdfArray rMatrix,
PdfDocument pParent 

Create an 2D shading pattern

rLLthe color on lower left corner
rULthe color on upper left corner
rLRthe color on lower right corner
rURthe color on upper right corner
rMatrixthe transformation matrix mapping the coordinate space specified by the Domain entry into the shading’s target coordinate space
pParentthe parent

Definition at line 257 of file PdfShadingPattern.cpp.

References Init().

    : PdfShadingPattern( ePdfShadingPatternType_FunctionBase, pParent )
    Init( rLL, rUL, rLR, rUR, rMatrix );

Here is the call graph for this function:

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