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PoDoFo::PdfOutlines Class Reference

#include <PdfOutlines.h>

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Public Member Functions

PdfOutlineItemCreateChild (const PdfString &sTitle, const PdfDestination &rDest)
PdfOutlineItemCreateNext (const PdfString &sTitle, const PdfDestination &rDest)
PdfOutlineItemCreateNext (const PdfString &sTitle, const PdfAction &rAction)
PdfOutlineItemCreateRoot (const PdfString &sTitle)
void Erase ()
PdfOutlineItemFirst () const
PdfActionGetAction (void)
PdfDestinationGetDestination (void)
PdfObjectGetObject ()
const PdfObjectGetObject () const
PdfOutlineItemGetParentOutline () const
double GetTextColorBlue () const
double GetTextColorGreen () const
double GetTextColorRed () const
EPdfOutlineFormat GetTextFormat () const
const PdfStringGetTitle () const
void InsertChild (PdfOutlineItem *pItem)
PdfOutlineItemLast () const
PdfOutlineItemNext () const
 PdfOutlines (PdfObject *pObject)
 PdfOutlines (PdfVecObjects *pParent)
PdfOutlineItemPrev () const
void SetAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetDestination (const PdfDestination &rDest)
void SetTextColor (double r, double g, double b)
void SetTextFormat (EPdfOutlineFormat eFormat)
void SetTitle (const PdfString &sTitle)

Protected Member Functions

PdfObjectCreateObject (const char *pszType=NULL)
PdfObjectGetNonConstObject () const
const char * TypeNameForIndex (int i, const char **ppTypes, long lLen) const
int TypeNameToIndex (const char *pszType, const char **ppTypes, long lLen, int nUnknownValue) const

Detailed Description

The main PDF outlines dictionary.

Do not create it by yourself but use PdfDocument::GetOutlines() instead.

See also:

Definition at line 299 of file PdfOutlines.h.

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