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PoDoFo::PdfPagesTree Class Reference

#include <PdfPagesTree.h>

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Public Member Functions

void ClearCache ()
PdfPageCreatePage (const PdfRect &rSize)
void DeletePage (int inPageNumber)
PdfObjectGetObject ()
const PdfObjectGetObject () const
PdfPageGetPage (const PdfReference &ref)
PdfPageGetPage (int nIndex)
int GetTotalNumberOfPages () const
void InsertPage (int nAfterPageNumber, PdfPage *pPage)
void InsertPage (int nAfterPageNumber, PdfObject *pPage)
 PdfPagesTree (PdfObject *pPagesRoot)
 PdfPagesTree (PdfVecObjects *pParent)
virtual ~PdfPagesTree ()

Protected Member Functions

PdfObjectCreateObject (const char *pszType=NULL)
PdfObjectGetNonConstObject () const
const char * TypeNameForIndex (int i, const char **ppTypes, long lLen) const
int TypeNameToIndex (const char *pszType, const char **ppTypes, long lLen, int nUnknownValue) const

Private Types

typedef std::deque< PdfObject * > PdfObjectList

Private Member Functions

int ChangePagesCount (PdfObject *inPageObj, int inDelta)
void DeletePageFromNode (PdfObject *pNode, const PdfObjectList &rlstParents, int nIndex, PdfObject *pPage)
void DeletePageNode (PdfObject *pParent, int nIndex)
int GetChildCount (const PdfObject *pNode) const
PdfObjectGetPageNode (int nPageNum, PdfObject *pParent, PdfObjectList &rLstParents)
PdfObjectGetPageNodeFromArray (int nPageNum, const PdfArray &rKidsArray, PdfObjectList &rLstParents)
int GetPosInKids (PdfObject *pPageObj, PdfObject *pPageParent)
const PdfObjectGetRoot () const
PdfObjectGetRoot ()
void InsertPageIntoNode (PdfObject *pNode, const PdfObjectList &rlstParents, int nIndex, PdfObject *pPage)
bool IsEmptyPageNode (PdfObject *pPageNode)
bool IsTypePage (const PdfObject *pObject) const
bool IsTypePages (const PdfObject *pObject) const

Private Attributes

PdfPagesTreeCache m_cache

Detailed Description

Class for managing the tree of Pages in a PDF document Don't use this class directly. Use PdfDocument instead.

See also:

Definition at line 48 of file PdfPagesTree.h.

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