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PdfPage * PoDoFo::PdfPagesTree::CreatePage ( const PdfRect rSize )

Creates a new page object and inserts it into the internal page tree. The returned page is owned by the pages tree and will get deleted along with it!

rSizea PdfRect specifying the size of the page (i.e the /MediaBox key) in PDF units
a pointer to a PdfPage object

Definition at line 165 of file PdfPagesTree.cpp.

References PoDoFo::PdfPagesTreeCache::AddPageObject(), GetRoot(), GetTotalNumberOfPages(), and InsertPage().

Referenced by PoDoFo::PdfDocument::CreatePage().

    PdfPage* pPage = new PdfPage( rSize, GetRoot()->GetOwner() );

    InsertPage( this->GetTotalNumberOfPages() - 1, pPage );
    m_cache.AddPageObject( this->GetTotalNumberOfPages() - 1, pPage );
    return pPage;

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