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void PoDoFo::PdfPainter::AddToPageResources ( const PdfName rIdentifier,
const PdfReference rRef,
const PdfName rName 
) [private]

Register an object in the resource dictionary of this page so that it can be used for any following drawing operations.

rIdentifieridentifier of this object, e.g. /Ft0
rRefreference to the object you want to register
rNameregister under this key in the resource dictionary

Definition at line 1313 of file PdfPainter.cpp.

References PoDoFo::PdfCanvas::AddResource(), PoDoFo::ePdfError_InvalidHandle, m_pPage, and PODOFO_RAISE_ERROR.

Referenced by BeginText(), DrawText(), DrawXObject(), SetExtGState(), SetShadingPattern(), and SetStrokingShadingPattern().

    if( !m_pPage )
        PODOFO_RAISE_ERROR( ePdfError_InvalidHandle );

    m_pPage->AddResource( rIdentifier, rRef, rName );

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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