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PoDoFo::PdfParser Class Reference

#include <PdfParser.h>

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struct  TXRefEntry

Public Types

typedef TVecOffsets::const_iterator TCIVecOffsets
typedef TVecOffsets::iterator TIVecOffsets
typedef std::vector< TXRefEntryTVecOffsets

Public Member Functions

const PdfEncryptGetEncrypt () const
bool GetEncrypted () const
size_t GetFileSize () const
bool GetIgnoreBrokenObjects ()
bool GetLoadOnDemand () const
pdf_long GetNextNumber ()
bool GetNextToken (const char *&pszToken, EPdfTokenType *peType=NULL)
void GetNextVariant (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
int GetNumberOfIncrementalUpdates () const
const PdfVecObjectsGetObjects () const
EPdfVersion GetPdfVersion () const
const char * GetPdfVersionString () const
const PdfObjectGetTrailer () const
bool IsLinearized () const
bool IsNextToken (const char *pszToken)
bool IsStrictParsing () const
void ParseFile (const char *pBuffer, long lLen, bool bLoadOnDemand=true)
void ParseFile (const char *pszFilename, bool bLoadOnDemand=true)
void ParseFile (const PdfRefCountedInputDevice &rDevice, bool bLoadOnDemand=true)
 PdfParser (PdfVecObjects *pVecObjects, const PdfRefCountedInputDevice &rDevice, bool bLoadOnDemand=true)
 PdfParser (PdfVecObjects *pVecObjects)
 PdfParser (PdfVecObjects *pVecObjects, const char *pszFilename, bool bLoadOnDemand=true)
 PdfParser (PdfVecObjects *pVecObjects, const char *pBuffer, long lLen, bool bLoadOnDemand=true)
bool QuickEncryptedCheck (const char *pszFilename)
void SetIgnoreBrokenObjects (bool bBroken)
void SetPassword (const std::string &sPassword)
void SetStringParsing (bool bStrict)
PdfEncryptTakeEncrypt ()
virtual ~PdfParser ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PODOFO_NOTHROW int GetHexValue (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsDelimiter (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsPrintable (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsRegular (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsWhitespace (const unsigned char ch)

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int HEX_NOT_FOUND = std::numeric_limits<unsigned int>::max()

Protected Member Functions

EPdfDataType DetermineDataType (const char *pszToken, EPdfTokenType eType, PdfVariant &rVariant)
void FindToken (const char *pszToken, const long lRange)
void FindToken2 (const char *pszToken, const long lRange, size_t searchEnd)
void GetNextVariant (const char *pszToken, EPdfTokenType eType, PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void HasLinearizationDict ()
bool IsPdfFile ()
void MergeTrailer (const PdfObject *pTrailer)
void QuequeToken (const char *pszToken, EPdfTokenType eType)
void ReadArray (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadDataType (EPdfDataType eDataType, PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadDictionary (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadDocumentStructure ()
void ReadHexString (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadName (PdfVariant &rVariant)
void ReadNextTrailer ()
void ReadObjectFromStream (int nObjNo, int nIndex)
void ReadObjects ()
void ReadObjectsInternal ()
void ReadString (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadTrailer ()
void ReadXRef (pdf_long *pXRefOffset)
void ReadXRefContents (pdf_long lOffset, bool bPositionAtEnd=false)
void ReadXRefStreamContents (pdf_long lOffset, bool bReadOnlyTrailer)
void ReadXRefSubsection (long long &nFirstObject, long long &nNumObjects)

Protected Attributes

PdfRefCountedBuffer m_buffer
PdfRefCountedInputDevice m_device

Private Member Functions

void Clear ()
const PdfStringGetDocumentId ()
void Init ()
void UpdateDocumentVersion ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bIgnoreBrokenObjects
bool m_bLoadOnDemand
bool m_bStrictParsing
EPdfVersion m_ePdfVersion
size_t m_nFileSize
long m_nFirstObject
int m_nIncrementalUpdates
long m_nNumObjects
pdf_long m_nXRefLinearizedOffset
pdf_long m_nXRefOffset
TVecOffsets m_offsets
std::set< int > m_setObjectStreams
bool m_xrefSizeUnknown


class PdfDocument
class PdfWriter

Detailed Description

PdfParser reads a PDF file into memory. The file can be modified in memory and written back using the PdfWriter class. Most PDF features are supported

Definition at line 46 of file PdfParser.h.

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