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void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::ParseFileComplete ( bool  bIsTrailer ) [private]

Parse the object data from the given file handle

bIsTrailerwether this is a trailer dictionary or not. trailer dictionaries do not have a object number etc.

Definition at line 163 of file PdfParserObject.cpp.

References PoDoFo::PdfVariant::DelayedLoadDone(), PoDoFo::PdfRefCountedInputDevice::Device(), PoDoFo::ePdfError_NoObject, PoDoFo::ePdfError_UnexpectedEOF, PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer::GetNextToken(), PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer::GetNextVariant(), PoDoFo::PdfVariant::IsDictionary(), PODOFO_RAISE_ERROR_INFO, PoDoFo::PdfInputDevice::Seek(), PoDoFo::PdfEncrypt::SetCurrentReference(), PoDoFo::PdfVariant::SetDirty(), and PoDoFo::PdfInputDevice::Tell().

Referenced by DelayedLoadImpl().

    const char* pszToken;

    m_device.Device()->Seek( m_lOffset );
    if( m_pEncrypt )
        m_pEncrypt->SetCurrentReference( m_reference );

    // Do not call GetNextVariant directly,
    // but GetNextToken, to handle empty objects like:
    // 13 0 obj
    // endobj

    EPdfTokenType eTokenType;
    bool gotToken = this->GetNextToken( pszToken, &eTokenType );
    if (!gotToken)
        PODOFO_RAISE_ERROR_INFO( ePdfError_UnexpectedEOF, "Expected variant." );

    // Check if we have an empty object or data
    if( strncmp( pszToken, "endobj", s_nLenEndObj ) != 0 )
        this->GetNextVariant( pszToken, eTokenType, *this, m_pEncrypt );
        this->SetDirty( false );

        if( !bIsTrailer )
            bool gotToken = this->GetNextToken( pszToken );
            if (!gotToken)
                PODOFO_RAISE_ERROR_INFO( ePdfError_UnexpectedEOF, "Expected 'endobj' or (if dict) 'stream', got EOF." );
            if( strncmp( pszToken, "endobj", s_nLenEndObj ) == 0 )
                ; // nothing to do, just validate that the PDF is correct
            // If it's a dictionary, it might have a stream, so check for that
            else if( this->IsDictionary() && strncmp( pszToken, "stream", s_nLenStream ) == 0 )
                m_bStream = true;
                m_lStreamOffset = m_device.Device()->Tell(); // NOTE: whitespace after "stream" handle in stream parser!
                // Most of the code relies on PdfObjects that are dictionaries
                // to have the datatype ePdfDataType_Dictionary and not Stream.
                // Please use PdfObject::HasStream to check wether it has a stream.
                // Commenting this out is right now easier than fixing all code to check
                // either for ePdfDataType_Stream or ePdfDataType_Dictionary
                //eDataType = ePdfDataType_Stream;    // reset the object type to stream!
                PODOFO_RAISE_ERROR_INFO( ePdfError_NoObject, pszToken );

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