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PoDoFo::PdfSimpleTableModel Class Reference

#include <PdfTable.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual EPdfAlignment GetAlignment (int col, int row) const
virtual PdfColor GetBackgroundColor (int col, int row) const
virtual PdfColor GetBorderColor (int col, int row) const
virtual double GetBorderWidth () const
virtual PdfFontGetFont (int col, int row) const
virtual PdfColor GetForegroundColor (int col, int row) const
virtual PdfImageGetImage (int col, int row) const
virtual PdfString GetText (int col, int row) const
virtual EPdfVerticalAlignment GetVerticalAlignment (int col, int row) const
virtual bool HasBackgroundColor (int col, int row) const
virtual bool HasBorders () const
virtual bool HasImage (int col, int row) const
virtual bool HasWordWrap (int col, int row) const
 PdfSimpleTableModel (int nCols, int nRows)
 PdfSimpleTableModel ()
void SetAlignment (EPdfAlignment eAlignment)
void SetAlignment (EPdfVerticalAlignment eAlignment)
void SetBackgroundColor (const PdfColor &rColor)
void SetBackgroundEnabled (bool bEnable)
void SetBorderEnabled (bool bEnable)
void SetBorderWidth (double dWidth)
void SetFont (PdfFont *pFont)
void SetForegroundColor (const PdfColor &rColor)
void SetText (int col, int row, const PdfString &rsString)
void SetWordWrapEnabled (bool bEnable)

Private Attributes

bool m_bBackground
bool m_bBorder
bool m_bWordWrap
PdfColor m_clBackground
PdfColor m_clForeground
double m_dBorder
EPdfAlignment m_eAlignment
EPdfVerticalAlignment m_eVerticalAlignment
int m_nCols
int m_nRows
PdfString ** m_ppData

Detailed Description

An implementation of a simple PdfTableModel.

Definition at line 164 of file PdfTable.h.

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