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PoDoFo::PdfTable Class Reference

#include <PdfTable.h>

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Public Types

typedef PdfPage *(* CreatePageCallback )(PdfRect &rClipRect, void *pCustom)

Public Member Functions

virtual void Draw (double dX, double dY, PdfPainter *pPainter, const PdfRect &rClipRect=PdfRect(), double *pdLastX=NULL, double *pdLastY=NULL)
bool GetAutoPageBreak () const
int GetCols () const
virtual double GetHeight (double dX, double dY, PdfCanvas *pPage) const
const PdfTableModelGetModel () const
int GetRows () const
virtual double GetWidth (double dX, double dY, PdfCanvas *pPage) const
 PdfTable (int nCols, int nRows)
void SetAutoPageBreak (bool bPageBreak, CreatePageCallback callback, void *pCustomData=NULL)
void SetColumnWidth (double dWidth)
void SetColumnWidths (double *pdWidths)
void SetModel (PdfTableModel *pModel)
void SetRowHeight (double dHeight)
void SetRowHeights (double *pdHeights)
void SetTableHeight (double dHeight)
void SetTableWidth (double dWidth)

Protected Member Functions

void CalculateTableSize (const double dX, const double dY, const PdfCanvas *pCanvas, double *pdWidths, double *pdHeights, double *pdWidth, double *pdHeight) const
bool CheckForNewPage (double *pdY, double *pdCurY, double dRowHeight, PdfPainter *pPainter)
void DrawHorizontalBorders (int nRow, double dX, double dY, PdfPainter *pPainter, double *pdColWidths)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bAutoPageBreak
PdfRect m_curClipRect
double m_dColWidth
double m_dRowHeight
double m_dTableHeight
double m_dTableWidth
CreatePageCallback m_fpCallback
int m_nCols
int m_nRows
void * m_pCustomData
double * m_pdColWidths
double * m_pdRowHeights

Detailed Description

This is a high level class of a table which can be drawn to a PdfPainter.

Use this class if you have to include data into your PDF as an table.

Definition at line 576 of file PdfTable.h.

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