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PoDoFo::PdfTextField Class Reference

#include <PdfField.h>

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Public Member Functions

PdfString GetAlternateName () const
PdfString GetFieldName () const
PdfObjectGetFieldObject () const
EPdfHighlightingMode GetHighlightingMode () const
PdfString GetMappingName () const
pdf_long GetMaxLen () const
PdfPageGetPage () const
PdfString GetText () const
EPdfField GetType () const
PdfAnnotationGetWidgetAnnotation () const
bool IsCombs () const
bool IsExport () const
bool IsFileField () const
bool IsMultiLine () const
bool IsPasswordField () const
bool IsReadOnly () const
bool IsRequired () const
bool IsRichText () const
bool IsScrollBarsEnabled () const
bool IsSpellcheckingEnabled () const
 PdfTextField (PdfPage *pPage, const PdfRect &rRect, PdfAcroForm *pParent)
 PdfTextField (PdfPage *pPage, const PdfRect &rRect, PdfDocument *pDoc)
 PdfTextField (PdfPage *pPage, const PdfRect &rRect, PdfStreamedDocument *pDoc)
 PdfTextField (const PdfField &rhs)
 PdfTextField (PdfAnnotation *pWidget, PdfAcroForm *pParent)
void SetAlternateName (const PdfString &rsName)
void SetBackgroundColor (double dGray)
void SetBackgroundColor (double dRed, double dGreen, double dBlue)
void SetBackgroundColor (double dCyan, double dMagenta, double dYellow, double dBlack)
void SetBackgroundColorTransparent ()
void SetBorderColor (double dRed, double dGreen, double dBlue)
void SetBorderColor (double dGray)
void SetBorderColor (double dCyan, double dMagenta, double dYellow, double dBlack)
void SetBorderColorTransparent ()
void SetCombs (bool bCombs)
void SetExport (bool bExport)
void SetFieldName (const PdfString &rsName)
void SetFileField (bool bFile)
void SetFocusEnterAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetFocusLeaveAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetHighlightingMode (EPdfHighlightingMode eMode)
void SetKeystrokeAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetMappingName (const PdfString &rsName)
void SetMaxLen (pdf_long nMaxLen)
void SetMouseDownAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetMouseEnterAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetMouseLeaveAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetMouseUpAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetMultiLine (bool bMultiLine)
void SetPageCloseAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetPageInvisibleAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetPageOpenAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetPageVisibleAction (const PdfAction &rAction)
void SetPasswordField (bool bPassword)
void SetReadOnly (bool bReadOnly)
void SetRequired (bool bRequired)
void SetRichText (bool bRichText)
void SetScrollBarsEnabled (bool bScroll)
void SetSpellcheckingEnabled (bool bSpellcheck)
void SetText (const PdfString &rsText)
void SetValidateAction (const PdfAction &rAction)

Protected Member Functions

PdfObjectGetAppearanceCharacteristics (bool bCreate) const
bool GetFieldFlag (long lValue, bool bDefault) const
void SetFieldFlag (long lValue, bool bSet)

Protected Attributes


Private Types

enum  {
  ePdfTextField_MultiLine = 0x0001000, ePdfTextField_Password = 0x0002000, ePdfTextField_FileSelect = 0x0100000, ePdfTextField_NoSpellcheck = 0x0400000,
  ePdfTextField_NoScroll = 0x0800000, ePdfTextField_Comb = 0x1000000, ePdfTextField_RichText = 0x2000000

Private Member Functions

void Init ()

Detailed Description

A textfield in a PDF file.

Users can enter text into a text field. Single and multi line text is possible, as well as richtext. The text can be interpreted as path to a file which is going to be submitted.

Definition at line 774 of file PdfField.h.

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