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PoDoFo::PdfVariant Class Reference

#include <PdfVariant.h>

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union  UVariant

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
const PdfArrayGetArray () const
PdfArrayGetArray ()
bool GetBool () const
EPdfDataType GetDataType () const
const char * GetDataTypeString () const
const PdfDictionaryGetDictionary () const
PdfDictionaryGetDictionary ()
bool GetImmutable () const
const PdfNameGetName () const
pdf_int64 GetNumber () const
const PdfDataGetRawData () const
PdfDataGetRawData ()
double GetReal () const
const PdfReferenceGetReference () const
const PdfStringGetString () const
bool IsArray () const
bool IsBool () const
bool IsDictionary () const
bool IsDirty () const
bool IsEmpty () const
bool IsHexString () const
bool IsName () const
bool IsNull () const
bool IsNumber () const
bool IsRawData () const
bool IsReal () const
bool IsReference () const
bool IsString () const
bool operator!= (const PdfVariant &rhs) const
const PdfVariantoperator= (const PdfVariant &rhs)
bool operator== (const PdfVariant &rhs) const
 PdfVariant (pdf_int64 l)
 PdfVariant (bool b)
 PdfVariant (const PdfData &rData)
 PdfVariant (const PdfDictionary &rDict)
 PdfVariant (const PdfString &rsString)
 PdfVariant ()
 PdfVariant (double d)
 PdfVariant (const PdfName &rName)
 PdfVariant (const PdfArray &tList)
 PdfVariant (const PdfVariant &rhs)
 PdfVariant (const PdfReference &rRef)
void SetBool (bool b)
void SetImmutable (bool bImmutable)
void SetNumber (long l)
void SetReal (double d)
void ToString (std::string &rsData, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode=ePdfWriteMode_Clean) const
virtual void Write (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode, const PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt, const PdfName &keyStop) const
void Write (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode, const PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt=NULL) const

Static Public Attributes

static PdfVariant NullValue

Protected Member Functions

void AssertMutable () const
void DelayedLoad () const
PODOFO_NOTHROW bool DelayedLoadDone () const
virtual void DelayedLoadImpl ()
void EnableDelayedLoading ()
const PdfArrayGetArray_NoDL () const
PdfArrayGetArray_NoDL ()
const PdfDictionaryGetDictionary_NoDL () const
PdfDictionaryGetDictionary_NoDL ()
void SetDirty (bool bDirty)

Private Member Functions

template<typename T >
 PdfVariant (T *)

Private Attributes

bool m_bDelayedLoadDone
bool m_bDirty
 Indicates if this object was modified after construction.
bool m_bImmutable
 Indicates if this object maybe modified.
UVariant m_Data
EPdfDataType m_eDataType


class PdfArray
class PdfDictionary

Detailed Description

A variant data type which supports all data types supported by the PDF standard. The data can be parsed directly from a string or set by one of the members. One can also convert the variant back to a string after setting the values.

All methods not marked otherwise may trigger a deferred load. This means that they are unsafe to call while a deferred load is already in progress (as recursion will occurr).

TODO: domseichter: Make this class implicitly shared

Definition at line 53 of file PdfVariant.h.

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