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Flags that control the appearance of a PdfAnnotation. You can OR them together and pass it to PdfAnnotation::SetFlags.

Definition at line 83 of file PdfAnnotation.h.

    ePdfAnnotationFlags_Invisible    = 0x0001,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_Hidden       = 0x0002,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_Print        = 0x0004,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_NoZoom       = 0x0008,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_NoRotate     = 0x0010,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_NoView       = 0x0020,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_ReadOnly     = 0x0040,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_Locked       = 0x0080,
    ePdfAnnotationFlags_ToggleNoView = 0x0100,

    ePdfAnnotationFlags_Unknow       = 0xffff

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