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PoDoFo::PdfError Class Reference

#include <PdfError.h>

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class  LogMessageCallback

Public Member Functions

void AddToCallstack (const char *pszFile=NULL, int line=0, const char *pszInformation=NULL)
const TDequeErrorInfo & GetCallstack () const
EPdfError GetError () const
bool IsError () const
bool operator!= (const PdfError &rhs)
bool operator!= (const EPdfError &eCode)
const PdfErroroperator= (const PdfError &rhs)
const PdfErroroperator= (const EPdfError &eCode)
bool operator== (const EPdfError &eCode)
bool operator== (const PdfError &rhs)
 PdfError ()
 PdfError (const EPdfError &eCode, const char *pszFile=NULL, int line=0, const char *pszInformation=NULL)
 PdfError (const PdfError &rhs)
void PrintErrorMsg () const
void SetError (const EPdfError &eCode, const char *pszFile=NULL, int line=0, const char *pszInformation=NULL)
void SetErrorInformation (const wchar_t *pszInformation)
void SetErrorInformation (const char *pszInformation)
virtual const char * what () const throw ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool DebugEnabled ()
static void DebugMessage (const char *pszMsg,...)
static void EnableDebug (bool bEnable)
static void EnableLogging (bool bEnable)
static const char * ErrorMessage (EPdfError eCode)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW const char * ErrorName (EPdfError eCode)
static bool LoggingEnabled ()
static void LogMessage (ELogSeverity eLogSeverity, const char *pszMsg,...)
static void LogMessage (ELogSeverity eLogSeverity, const wchar_t *pszMsg,...)
static LogMessageCallbackSetLogMessageCallback (LogMessageCallback *fLogMessageCallback)

Static Private Member Functions

static void LogErrorMessage (ELogSeverity eLogSeverity, const char *pszMsg,...)
static void LogErrorMessage (ELogSeverity eLogSeverity, const wchar_t *pszMsg,...)
static void LogMessageInternal (ELogSeverity eLogSeverity, const char *pszMsg, va_list &args)
static void LogMessageInternal (ELogSeverity eLogSeverity, const wchar_t *pszMsg, va_list &args)

Private Attributes

TDequeErrorInfo m_callStack
EPdfError m_error

Static Private Attributes

static LogMessageCallbackm_fLogMessageCallback = NULL
static bool s_DgbEnabled = true
static bool s_LogEnabled = true

Detailed Description

The error handling class of PoDoFo lib. Whenever a function encounters an error a PdfError object is returned.

A PdfError with Error() == ErrOk means successfull execution.

This class provides also meaningfull error descriptions.

Definition at line 206 of file PdfError.h.

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