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PoDoFo::PdfFont Class Reference

#include <PdfFont.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void AddUsedGlyphname (const char *pszGlyphName)
virtual void AddUsedSubsettingGlyphs (const PdfString &sText, long lStringLen)
virtual void EmbedFont ()
virtual void EmbedSubsetFont ()
const PdfEncodingGetEncoding () const
float GetFontCharSpace () const
const PdfFontMetricsGetFontMetrics () const
PdfFontMetricsGetFontMetrics2 ()
float GetFontScale () const
float GetFontSize () const
const PdfNameGetIdentifier () const
const PdfObjectGetObject () const
PdfObjectGetObject ()
bool IsBold () const
bool IsItalic () const
bool IsStrikeOut () const
bool IsSubsetting () const
bool IsUnderlined () const
 PdfFont (PdfFontMetrics *pMetrics, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding, PdfVecObjects *pParent)
 PdfFont (PdfFontMetrics *pMetrics, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding, PdfObject *pObject)
void SetFontCharSpace (float fCharSpace)
void SetFontScale (float fScale)
void SetFontSize (float fSize)
void SetStrikeOut (bool bStrikeOut)
void SetUnderlined (bool bUnder)
virtual void WriteStringToStream (const PdfString &rsString, PdfStream *pStream)

Protected Member Functions

PdfObjectCreateObject (const char *pszType=NULL)
const PdfNameGetBaseFont () const
PdfObjectGetNonConstObject () const
void InitBase14Font ()
const char * TypeNameForIndex (int i, const char **ppTypes, long lLen) const
int TypeNameToIndex (const char *pszType, const char **ppTypes, long lLen, int nUnknownValue) const

Protected Attributes

bool m_bBold
bool m_bIsSubsetting
bool m_bItalic
bool m_bStrikedOut
bool m_bUnderlined
bool m_bWasEmbedded
PdfName m_Identifier
bool m_isBase14
const PdfEncoding *const m_pEncoding

Private Member Functions

void InitVars ()
PdfFontoperator= (const PdfFont &rhs)
 PdfFont (const PdfFont &rhs)
 PdfFont (void)
void SetBold (bool bBold)
void SetItalic (bool bItalic)

Private Attributes

PdfName m_BaseFont


class PdfFontFactory

Detailed Description

Before you can draw text on a PDF document, you have to create a font object first. You can reuse this font object as often as you want.

Use PdfDocument::CreateFont to create a new font object. It will choose a correct subclass using PdfFontFactory.

This is only an abstract base class which is implemented for different font formats.

Definition at line 48 of file PdfFont.h.

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