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PoDoFo::PdfMemDocument Class Reference

#include <PdfMemDocument.h>

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Public Member Functions

void AddNamedDestination (const PdfDestination &rDest, const PdfString &rsName)
const PdfDocumentAppend (const PdfMemDocument &rDoc, bool bAppendAll=true)
void AttachFile (const PdfFileSpec &rFileSpec)
PdfFontCreateDuplicateFontType1 (PdfFont *pFont, const char *pszSuffix)
PdfFontCreateFont (const char *pszFontName, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding=PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance(), PdfFontCache::EFontCreationFlags eFontCreationFlags=PdfFontCache::eFontCreationFlags_AutoSelectBase14, bool bEmbedd=true)
PdfFontCreateFont (FT_Face face, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding=PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance(), bool bEmbedd=true)
PdfFontCreateFont (const char *pszFontName, bool bBold, bool bItalic, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding=PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance(), PdfFontCache::EFontCreationFlags eFontCreationFlags=PdfFontCache::eFontCreationFlags_AutoSelectBase14, bool bEmbedd=true, const char *pszFileName=NULL)
PdfFontCreateFontSubset (const char *pszFontName, bool bBold, bool bItalic, const PdfEncoding *const pEncoding=PdfEncodingFactory::GlobalWinAnsiEncodingInstance(), const char *pszFileName=NULL)
PdfPageCreatePage (const PdfRect &rSize)
void DeletePages (int inFirstPage, int inNumPages)
void EmbedSubsetFonts ()
PdfRect FillXObjectFromDocumentPage (PdfXObject *pXObj, const PdfMemDocument &rDoc, int nPage, bool bUseTrimBox)
void FreeObjectMemory (PdfObject *pObj, bool bForce=false)
void FreeObjectMemory (const PdfReference &rRef, bool bForce=false)
PdfAcroFormGetAcroForm (bool bCreate=ePdfCreateObject, PdfAcroForm::EPdfAcroFormDefaulAppearance eDefaultAppearance=PdfAcroForm::ePdfAcroFormDefaultAppearance_BlackText12pt)
const PdfObjectGetCatalog () const
PdfObjectGetCatalog ()
const PdfEncryptGetEncrypt () const
bool GetEncrypted () const
PdfFontGetFont (PdfObject *pObject)
FT_Library GetFontLibrary () const
PdfInfoGetInfo () const
PdfObjectGetMarkInfo () const
PdfObjectGetMetadata () const
PdfNamesTreeGetNamesTree (bool bCreate=ePdfCreateObject)
PdfVecObjectsGetObjects ()
const PdfVecObjectsGetObjects () const
PdfOutlinesGetOutlines (bool bCreate=ePdfCreateObject)
PdfPageGetPage (int nIndex) const
int GetPageCount () const
EPdfPageMode GetPageMode (void) const
PdfPagesTreeGetPagesTree () const
EPdfVersion GetPdfVersion () const
PdfObjectGetStructTreeRoot () const
const PdfObjectGetTrailer () const
virtual EPdfWriteMode GetWriteMode () const
const PdfMemDocumentInsertPages (const PdfMemDocument &rDoc, int inFirstPage, int inNumPages)
virtual bool IsAccessibilityAllowed () const
virtual bool IsCopyAllowed () const
virtual bool IsDocAssemblyAllowed () const
virtual bool IsEditAllowed () const
virtual bool IsEditNotesAllowed () const
virtual bool IsFillAndSignAllowed () const
virtual bool IsHighPrintAllowed () const
bool IsLinearized () const
virtual bool IsPrintAllowed () const
void Load (const char *pszFilename)
void Load (const char *pBuffer, long lLen)
void Load (const PdfRefCountedInputDevice &rDevice)
 PdfMemDocument (const char *pszFilename)
 PdfMemDocument ()
void SetBaseURI (const std::string &inBaseURI)
void SetBindingDirection (PdfName &inDirection)
void SetCenterWindow (void)
void SetDisplayDocTitle (void)
void SetEncrypted (const PdfEncrypt &pEncrypt)
void SetEncrypted (const std::string &userPassword, const std::string &ownerPassword, int protection=PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_Print|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_Edit|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_Copy|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_EditNotes|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_FillAndSign|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_Accessible|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_DocAssembly|PdfEncrypt::ePdfPermissions_HighPrint, PdfEncrypt::EPdfEncryptAlgorithm eAlgorithm=PdfEncrypt::ePdfEncryptAlgorithm_RC4V1, PdfEncrypt::EPdfKeyLength eKeyLength=PdfEncrypt::ePdfKeyLength_40)
void SetFitWindow (void)
void SetHideMenubar (void)
void SetHideToolbar (void)
void SetHideWindowUI (void)
void SetLanguage (const std::string &inLanguage)
void SetPageLayout (EPdfPageLayout inLayout)
void SetPageMode (EPdfPageMode inMode)
void SetPassword (const std::string &sPassword)
void SetPdfVersion (EPdfVersion eVersion)
void SetPrintScaling (PdfName &inScalingType)
void SetUseFullScreen (void)
void SetWriteMode (EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode)
void Write (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice)
void Write (const char *pszFilename)
virtual ~PdfMemDocument ()

Protected Member Functions

void FixObjectReferences (PdfObject *pObject, int difference)
PdfObjectGetTrailer ()
void InitPagesTree ()
void SetCatalog (PdfObject *pObject)
void SetInfo (PdfInfo *pInfo)
void SetTrailer (PdfObject *pObject)
void SetViewerPreference (const PdfName &whichPref, bool inValue)
void SetViewerPreference (const PdfName &whichPref, const PdfObject &valueObj)

Protected Attributes

PdfFontCache m_fontCache

Private Member Functions

void Clear ()
PdfObjectGetNamedObjectFromCatalog (const char *pszName) const
void InitFromParser (PdfParser *pParser)
PdfMemDocumentoperator= (const PdfMemDocument &)
 PdfMemDocument (const PdfMemDocument &)
void SetViewerPreference (const PdfName &whichPref, bool inValue) const
void SetViewerPreference (const PdfName &whichPref, const PdfObject &valueObj) const

Private Attributes

bool m_bLinearized
EPdfVersion m_eVersion
EPdfWriteMode m_eWriteMode
 This will be temporarily initialized to a PdfParser object so that SetPassword can work.


class PdfWriter

Detailed Description

PdfMemDocument is the core class for reading and manipulating PDF files and writing them back to disk.

PdfMemDocument was designed to allow easy access to the object structur of a PDF file.

PdfMemDocument should be used whenever you want to change the object structure of a PDF file.

When you are only creating PDF files, please use PdfStreamedDocument which is usually faster for creating PDFs.

See also:

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