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PoDoFo::PdfInputDevice Class Reference

#include <PdfInputDevice.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual PODOFO_NOTHROW bool Bad () const
virtual PODOFO_NOTHROW void Clear (std::ios_base::iostate state=std::ios_base::goodbit) const
virtual void Close ()
virtual PODOFO_NOTHROW bool Eof () const
virtual int GetChar () const
PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsSeekable () const
virtual int Look () const
 PdfInputDevice (const char *pszFilename)
 PdfInputDevice (const char *pBuffer, size_t lLen)
 PdfInputDevice (const std::istream *pInStream)
virtual std::streamoff Read (char *pBuffer, std::streamsize lLen)
virtual void Seek (std::streamoff off, std::ios_base::seekdir dir=std::ios_base::beg)
virtual std::streamoff Tell () const
virtual ~PdfInputDevice ()

Protected Member Functions

 PdfInputDevice ()
PODOFO_NOTHROW void SetSeekable (bool bIsSeekable)

Private Member Functions

void Init ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bIsSeekable
FILE * m_pFile
std::istream * m_pStream
bool m_StreamOwned

Detailed Description

This class provides an Input device which operates either on a file, a buffer in memory or any arbitrary std::istream

This class is suitable for inheritance to provide input devices of your own for PoDoFo. Just overide the required virtual methods.

Definition at line 38 of file PdfInputDevice.h.

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