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double PoDoFo::PdfTable::GetWidth ( double  dX,
double  dY,
PdfCanvas pPage 
) const [virtual]

Get the width of the table when drawn with the current settings at a certain position.

dXx coordinate of top left of the table
dYy coordinate of top left of the table
pPagethe page on which the table will be drawn
the width of the table

Definition at line 280 of file PdfTable.cpp.

References CalculateTableSize(), GetCols(), and GetRows().

    double  dWidth;
    double  dHeight;
    double* pdColWidths  = new double[this->GetCols()];
    double* pdRowHeights = new double[this->GetRows()];

    // Calculate all necessary sizes
    this->CalculateTableSize( dX, dY, pPage,
                              pdColWidths, pdRowHeights,
                              &dWidth, &dHeight );

    delete [] pdColWidths;
    delete [] pdRowHeights;

    return dWidth;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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