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PoDoFo::PdfVecObjects Class Reference

#include <PdfVecObjects.h>

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class  Observer
class  StreamFactory

Public Types

typedef TVecObjects::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef TVecObjects::iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

void AddFreeObject (const PdfReference &rReference)
void Attach (Observer *pObserver)
bool AutoDelete () const
TIVecObjects begin ()
TCIVecObjects begin () const
void BeginAppendStream (const PdfStream *pStream)
void Clear ()
void CollectGarbage (PdfObject *pTrailer)
PdfObjectCreateObject (const char *pszType=NULL)
PdfObjectCreateObject (const PdfVariant &rVariant)
PdfStreamCreateStream (PdfObject *pParent)
PdfStreamCreateStream (const PdfStream &rhs)
void Detach (Observer *pObserver)
TIVecObjects end ()
TCIVecObjects end () const
void EndAppendStream (const PdfStream *pStream)
void Finish ()
PdfObjectGetBack ()
const TPdfReferenceList & GetFreeObjects () const
size_t GetIndex (const PdfReference &ref) const
PdfObjectGetObject (const PdfReference &ref) const
size_t GetObjectCount () const
void GetObjectDependencies (const PdfObject *pObj, TPdfReferenceList *pList) const
PdfDocumentGetParentDocument () const
size_t GetSize () const
PdfObject *& operator[] (size_t index)
 PdfVecObjects ()
void push_back (PdfObject *pObj)
PdfObjectRemoveObject (const TIVecObjects &it)
PdfObjectRemoveObject (const PdfReference &ref, bool bMarkAsFree=true)
void RenumberObjects (PdfObject *pTrailer, TPdfReferenceSet *pNotDelete=NULL, bool bDoGarbageCollection=false)
void Reserve (size_t size)
void SetAutoDelete (bool bAutoDelete)
void SetParentDocument (PdfDocument *pDocument)
void SetStreamFactory (StreamFactory *pFactory)
void Sort ()
void WriteObject (PdfObject *pObject)

Private Types

typedef TVecObservers::iterator TIVecObservers
typedef std::vector< Observer * > TVecObservers

Private Member Functions

void BuildReferenceCountVector (TVecReferencePointerList *pList)
void GarbageCollection (TVecReferencePointerList *pList, PdfObject *pTrailer, TPdfReferenceSet *pNotDelete=NULL)
PdfReference GetNextFreeObject ()
void InsertOneReferenceIntoVector (const PdfObject *pObj, TVecReferencePointerList *pList)
void InsertReferencesIntoVector (const PdfObject *pObj, TVecReferencePointerList *pList)
void SetObjectCount (const PdfReference &rRef)

Private Attributes

bool m_bAutoDelete
bool m_bSorted
TPdfReferenceList m_lstFreeObjects
size_t m_nObjectCount
TVecObservers m_vecObservers
TVecObjects m_vector


class PdfWriter

Detailed Description

A STL vector of PdfObjects. I.e. a list of PdfObject classes. The PdfParser will read the PdfFile into memory and create a PdfVecObjects of all dictionaries found in the PDF file.

The PdfWriter class contrary creates a PdfVecObjects internally and writes it to a PDF file later with an appropriate table of contents.

These class contains also advanced funtions for searching of PdfObject's in a PdfVecObject.

Definition at line 78 of file PdfVecObjects.h.

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