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 * \file Pdf3rdPartyForwardDecl.h
 * Forward declare some types that we use in our public API but don't want to
 * include the headers for directly. We can't do a nice simple forward
 * declaration because most of these libraries have typedefs everywhere.
 * We don't want to include things like freetype directly in our public headers
 * because:
 *  - They dump a huge amount of cruft into the top level namespace
 *  - Programs that haven't gone through the apallingly convoluted process required
 *    to add freetype's header path can't include podofo's headers even if they have no
 *    intention of using any freetype-related font features.

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

// Provide access to FT_Library
struct FT_LibraryRec_;
typedef struct FT_LibraryRec_  *FT_Library;

// Provide access to FT_Face
struct FT_FaceRec_;
typedef struct FT_FaceRec_*  FT_Face;

// Fontconfig
struct _FcConfig;
typedef struct _FcConfig    FcConfig;

#ifdef __cplusplus
}; // end extern "C"


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